2021 Year In Review

Greetings Friends and Happy New Year!

It’s a little bizarre writing this, in the midst of another surge of COVID. There was so much optimism earlier in the year, when vaccines became available. In some ways, it’s hard for me to distinguish between 2020 and 2021. it’s all one big “pandemic blur”. My second dose of the vaccine was March 31, on the eve of the anniversary of Adam’s Schlesinger’s passing, which seemed especially poignant. Sid’s reopened in late April and the week that Sid’s reopened there was a tribute to Adam put together by his bandmate Jody Porter. I wasn’t sure if I’d be ready to perform with the band, so I contributed a synth-oriented version of “Utopia Parkway”: https://youtu.be/BR7WXvqfz-o

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Glenn Miller’s Band Was Better Than Before

Thoughts on The Little River Band’s “Reminiscing”

Amy and I randomly collect old coffee mugs from thrift stores. I’m not sure where we got this mug, but I know we’ve never been to Clarinda, Iowa, Glenn Miller’s birthplace.

Every time I drink coffee from this mug, I think of “Reminiscing” by the Little River Band. According to Albert Goldman, “Reminiscing” was John Lennon’s favorite song. Although we’re not really sure we can trust anything Albert Goldman wrote about John Lennon, May Pang says that while they were together, “Reminiscing” was “their” song: “Oddly, with all the fantastic music he wrote, ‘our song’ was ‘Reminiscing’ by the Little River Band.” Also, Frank Sinatra allegedly called “Reminiscing”  “the best 1970’s song in the world.”

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